Removes stubborn stains.
A body-friendly hand-washing brush that does not hurt your hands.

・Removes stubborn stains on hands
 Due to the patent-pending special structure (three-stage shape) It fits on any uneven surface and effectively removes stubborn stains that have entered between fingerprints and nails, along with dead skin cells.
・Body-friendly hand wash brush
 The use of elastomer (high elasticity material) removes dirt without pain and without scratching.
・Contains antibacterial and antifungal agents.
・Recommended time for replacement
 It is recommended to replace the brush in about 6 months after use for hygiene and deterioration of the brush.

【How to use】
Apply an appropriate amount of hand soap, etc. to both sides of the brush, press it lightly against the skin, and move it in a circular motion.
Rinse with water to remove dirt.
When disposing of the brush, please dispose of it as plastic waste and refrain from burning it.

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